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  • Author: Ken Wright
  • Published: 17th January, 2018

Hong Kong Royal Thai Consulate. 8th Floor, Fairmont House, Cotton Tree Drive, Hong Kong. Documents required. Passport, One photocopy of details page, Completed application form. One photocopy of Hong Kong Entry Slip (for non-residents), 300 HK$. To get there, get the MTR to Admiralty Station. Exit using exit B. Walk right and right again to the entrance of the Lippo Centre. Go up one floor to the 2nd floor (one floor above ground level). Use the footbridge to cross Cotton Tree Drive. If you don't use the footbridge, you will find it tricky to get to Fairmont House. Take lift to 8th floor. The nearest photocopying place is Alpha-graphics on the ground floor of the Lippo Centre. 2 HK$ per sheet. Applications are accepted from 9:30 - 12:30 on Day One. Passport is available for collection from 9:30 - 12:30 on Day Two. I went on Thu 4th Jan so it was quite busy with about 20 applicants. I had to wait around 15 minutes. I don't think this is normal. I have a lot of Thai visas but I still got one there. They are not interested in flights or funds. I did get asked and reminded that I should not work in Thailand.

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Author: Ken Wright

We can change a 30 day visa exempt entry or a 60 day tourist visa entry to a single entry 90 day non-immigrant 'O' type visa then add to it a 12 month extension for the purposes of retirement without you leaving the country.

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