• Author: Ken Wright
  • Published: 23rd June, 2017

saw this on Thaivisa forum, credit to contributor tidybeard 1 YEAR EXTENSION AT KOH SAMUI IMMIGRATION OFFICE: I know that each Immigration office have different requirements, but if you wish to apply for a 1 year AO or O extension in Samui, as of 21st June, this is what you will need. 1) A new TM7 form obtainable only from the office - the one downloaded from the internet is not accepted and has to be replaced. 2) A passport photo 3) A new form with no number - only obtainable from the office, which states your Western name, and which they then translate for you to create a new Thai name. 4) Once the new forms are complete - you now need to go downstairs to an additional office and "register on the Internet" This is done for you, but costs an additional 40 Baht per applicant and takes around 20 mins. To complete this procedure you will need your passport and your residential documents - either rental agreement or blue book. 5) Proof of income as always.... 65,000 Baht per month or 800,000 Baht in a Thai bank account for at least 3 months. 6) A letter from your bank showing the current balance. ( valid for 1 week ) 7) A statement of your account showing 3 months of transactions. ( Valid for 1 week ) 8) Photocopies of your bank book showing every page for the 3 months of transactions 9) Photocopy of Passport front page 10) Photocopy of last year's Visa page 11) Photocopy of last entry stamp with departure card stapled in the passport 12) A medical certificate from a hospital - we used Bandon Hospital, very quick, about 20 mins and 250 Baht ( Valid for 1 week ) 13) A Google Map print showing your residence and it's Latitude and Longitude ( note a Google Earth view is not accepted - must be Google MAP ) 14) A hand drawn map of your residence 15) A copy of your rental agreement or your residential owners book ( Blue book ) 16) As we are a married couple applying together, they also asked us for a print of a photo of us on holiday together.... All photocopies need to be signed by the applicant. I was careful to make all copies in Portrait format as requested last year, but they still insisted on re-copying several of my copies as they were in the wrong direction, so be prepared for a few hundred Baht of copy fees. We have to return in 3 working days time to have the official photo taken and completion of the stamps ... so allow plenty of time before you travel. Good luck.

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Author: Ken Wright

We can change a 30 day visa exempt entry or a 60 day tourist visa entry to a single entry 90 day non-immigrant 'O' type visa then add to it a 12 month extension for the purposes of retirement without you leaving the country.

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