• Author: Ken Wright
  • Published: 7th June, 2017

No Visa - No Fee! That's our visa service guarantee We know that choosing a visa agent is a big decision – and it's one you only want to make once because the last thing you need is being let down. There are several things to consider when choosing an agency to engage. Many people tell us that factors such as our level of experience and having set fees are important, but most of all, they want to feel ‘safe and secure’ throughout their Thai visa application service. You need to be confident that your visa agent is doing everything in their power to achieve a successful outcome for you. That's why we believe in offering our 'No Visa - No Fee' guarantee - it helps you feel confident that your Speedy Visa agent will do everything they can for you. Additionally, it helps you to know that we will not process your visa application unless we are very confident of your application being approved. Also, given that Thai Immigration policies do change regularly, you may only have one chance to get your visa and so it makes sense to team-up with an agent who puts their reputation on the line for you. That's why Speedy Visa proudly has a 'No Visa - No Fee' guarantee. If we fail to secure your visa for any reason, we will refund your fees in full. That’s why we've included this promise right here on our website! Call us now for a no obligation consultation - 087 941 0081

Speedy Visa

Author: Ken Wright

We can change a 30 day visa exempt entry or a 60 day tourist visa entry to a single entry 90 day non-immigrant 'O' type visa then add to it a 12 month extension for the purposes of retirement without you leaving the country.

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Speedy Visa: Thailand Retirement Visa specialists
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